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youth education
D-WIRA project

AFPHY recognises that education is the key to empower Girls & Women and drive a positive change in all comminuties. Societies must prioritise Education and encourage young people to learn so they can achieve their dreams and build a better future for generations to come. AFPHY is inspired by the personal experience of its founder Dickel Dia. Dickel was the ever fisrt ever first ranked girl to graduate from her village in 2010. Between 2010-2017 no student in her school passed the National Exams. Each year the number of school drop-outs increases. This is due to early marriage, teen pregnancies, child labour and the high rate of youth delinquency. The ultimate causes of these factors are the lack of value families and communities place in education and the poor quality and irrelevancy of the education delivered to the region. AFPHY has first-hand knowledge of what is needed to break this cycle and empower young people and the community to develop and succeed through the delivery of quality education, educational support, vocational training, and confidence building. AFPHY believes everyone has the right to education which empowers people to choose and create opportunities for themselves and others..